Banking App Testimonials

Nationwide members discussing the benefits of using our app.

Kim: I started using the Nationwide Banking app purely by chance.

Kim: I went into the branch one day. One of the very nice members of staff said, “Kim, we’ve got this, if you like, if you want to try it.”

Speaker 2: I do internet banking on my home computer, and I thought, “Well, just ask Nationwide if they’ve got an app that I can add on to this tablet.”

Speaker 2: And the girl just said, “Yeah – bring your tablet in and we’ll set you up.”

Kim: I never would’ve in a million years considered doing internet banking.

Kim: I think for me personally, because the lady in the store helped me do it – she took my phone, and she said, “I’ll just do this for you, Kim”, and she set those little bits up for me and wrote down what else I needed to do when I got home.

Speaker 2: Showed me how it worked, got my passnumber, etc., and it’s fantastic.

Speaker 2: I find I’m using the app more and more to see how my account is and make sure everything’s OK.

Kim: Many people ask me about my security concerns regarding the app.

Kim: My first reply is, “If it’s Nationwide, it’s going to be encrypted to the nth degree.”

Speaker 2: I don’t have any security concerns now, because, apart from having a password to open the tablet in the first place, there’s also 6 numbers you have to give to Nationwide and 3 of those you have to enter.

Speaker 2: And you’re in, and you’re away. And now I don’t have any concerns about security at all.

Kim: I think the app and the branch complement each other extremely well. One doesn’t replace the other. I think it covers every single thing that I need as an individual.

Kim: One of my favourite features for the app is the fact that I can transfer money from my own account to another of my accounts. So that is one of the greatest features I use all the time.

Kim: One of my friends has actually moved all of his stuff to Nationwide, and one of the main reasons has been the app.

Speaker 2: I find it so easy. Touch of the button, put your numbers in by the tip of your finger, and job done. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy, as they say.